Eco-executive 26/03/08

Gregor chaired the meeting,
We evaluated our Eco action plan;.
Caitlin and Beth were taking pictures of the things that we have done.
Millie was writing the minutes.
We have done lots of things in our action plan.
The next meeting is 23rd April 2008.
All welcome!

By Rosie MacPherson

Eco-executive 13/02/08

Team ToiletsGregor was chair person.Today we looked on the internet to help us with team toilets:-Sensor lights-Toilet seats-Toilet designsAbbie found a web & the boys found sensor lights. here:Rosie,Gregor,Scott,Beth,Abbie,Caulm & Mrs Mclellan.Our next meeting is:Wednesday 5th March 2008By Rosie MacPherson PS Our next meeting will be a Beach Clean!  Meet at the school 9.30am!

Eco-executive 30.1.08

team toilets

Today we talked about the TOILET’S, some changes we want to make are
1. Toilet hippo to save water.
2. Timer on lights.
3.soap dispenser taps
5.toilet seats
7.take away water fountains
8.paint all walls

We talked about our Action Plan for Green Flag and we made a Target to show what we’re working on.

next meeting 13th of february all welcome

by Gregor